When did you start acting? 

In 1995, I started taking classes at a well known school in Santa Monica, California.

When and how did you start doing voice over? 

I started doing voice over and dubbing in 1996, or 1995, not sure. My first dubbing project that I remember was in 1996. I actually had an audition for Disney to do Zé Carioca’s voice, which might have been mid 1995. I got a call back, the only actor, my agent said, who got it. They liked my voice, gave me a compliment because I can also sing, including crooning, and said I sounded similar to the original voice from the 1940s. But, unfortunately, that film was never made. I thought, back then, I’d have my big break. Oh well, that’s Hollywood. 

What’s the most fun role you ever VO and why? 

A cartoon promo for a Machinima video game. We could say a bunch of bad words, usually a total no no in dubbing. 

What do you do to keep your voice healthy? 

Hmm, I’d probably shouldn’t answer that because I don’t really do anything. Oops, I did answer it. 

What’s it like to work at Voxx?

I work and have worked in several studios in Los Angeles doing voice overs and directing them. I’ve always been treated well in all of them. I go in, do my job, joke around, then go home. 

What projects do you have coming up? 

My projects are related to film. I direct and produce, also.  A short film I wrote and directed, which is a pilot for a series I am developing, just won an award at a film festival in Los Angeles. I just finished another film, which is a short version of the feature film that I am planning on shooting soon.