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It’s been 7 years since Voxx Studios opened its doors to the Global Media landscape, delivering quality Audio Post Production, Dubbing and Versioning services.

During all of that time, we have been proud to have TV Executive Silviu Epure at the helm, spearheading the company’s goals of growth and success, as well as its day to day operations.

Today, the time has come to say farewell to Silviu and wish him a world of happiness and success, as he continues on his path outside of Voxx.  Although he will be missed by ownership, colleagues and partners alike, we are confident that our paths shall cross again. And who knows what the future may hold – there may very well still be a great deal of exciting content to be created together.

As we embrace Silviu on his departure, we give a warm welcome to Dubbing Veteran Danubia Farias among our ranks. Danubia will officially take over from Silviu as Voxx’s General Manager starting Monday, February 7th, 2022.

Danubia is one of Voxx’s first employees and her extraordinary ascension has taken her through all stages of Content Versioning – from Scripting to the heights of Executive Production. Most recently, Danubia has worked on high profile productions for several major US Networks and is now proudly returning to Voxx to lead its continued growth and expansion efforts.

Voxx is confident that the company will continue to thrive under Danubia’s leadership and together, we are excited to provide our clients with The Right Voice For Every Language.


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“So, What’s Freedom?”- Voxx’s first feature takes home an Honorable Mention and the Audience Award at SEEfest ‘21!


The powerful drama about the 1951 deportations in Romania, SO, WHAT’S FREEDOM? by American-Romanian filmmaker Andrei Zinca, was the highest-rated film of SEEfest 2021 and the winner of the festival’s Audience Award. With a score of 88 out of a maximum 100, this film proved to be an audience favorite in spite of the difficult subject matter and traumatic events from the country’s past. 

Accepting the award, filmmaker Andrei Zinca said,

“SEEfest’s audience understands the power of cinema to reach beyond countries, beyond language barriers, and take us to places and experiences in the past that can resonate with us today. “So, What’s Freedom?” was not intended to be just a Romanian story. Freedom, the lack of it, and its manipulation by all political systems has been and still is an everyday and everywhere story.“

Congratulations to the filmmaker, the talented cast and crew, and big thanks to the audience members who judged the films with their votes.


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Beautiful Lure


Extra, Extra, Read All About It!  

Have you seen it? I’m talking about “Beautiful Lure – A Modern Tale of Painted Skin” – a wonderfully made Japanese Drama! After working so diligently on the Audio Test and Audio Production of this series from Japanese to English and Hindi – we are HAPPY to say that it has been officially selected to screen at the Opening Night Asian Panorama at the 54th World Fest Houston International Film Festival – the oldest indie film fest in the world starting today April 16th, 2021!!

WorldFest was founded over 53 years ago as Cinema Arts, and International Film Society in August 1961. WorldFest became the third competitive international film festival in North America, following San Francisco and New York. 

 Not only was it selected at WorldFest Houston, it has amassed a total of 26 awards from 6 different countries!! OUTSTANDING!!!!


So, What’s Freedoms


We are beyond EXCITED to tell you that — “So, What’s Freedom?” a film that was produced with support from Voxx Studios is an official selection from one of the most prestigious film festivals dedicated to Eastern European Cinema. Each year the SEEfest Jury pays tribute to outstanding films in multiple competition categories. We have the honor of being in the company of such important cinematic works like “Quo Davis, Aida?” , one of this year’s Oscar nominations for Best Foreign Films!

SEEfest features regional, cross-border programming with issue-driven films that tell a larger story about South East Europe.

We would like to invite you to participate in the virtual festival by clicking on the SEEfest logo. Only viewers from the United States are allowed to access the films.

You’ll be able to access “So, What’s Freedom?” starting from April 28, 2021 at 7:00p until May 5, 2021 at 9:00p.



Have you seen Waldo?


Voxx Studios just completed 19 episodes of Audio Description on the DreamWorks’ animated series “Where’s Waldo?” for streaming on the Peacock Network — starring the voice of our very own Ben Alencar and our beloved engineer Jose “Chipi” Estrada.

What a fun project! It brought us all back to our childhood!

You can catch some of those episodes on NBCUniversal’s streaming service, There you can find hundreds of iconic movies, thousands of episodes, and exclusive originals all in one place. It’s FREE!


Super Z – Season 2!


After contributing to the success of season 1, we have successfully delivered season 2 of the acclaimed Super Z from Ocon Studios. Check out the latest episodes on Youtube.



We Love Our Work — So Does Netflix!


SHH! It’s a secret!! We can’t tell you what… or when, or why, or how… yet. But… We can tell you it’s going to be great!

Netflix original animation is leading the way for the streaming industry in developing original content and Voxx is happy to help by recording voices for their upcoming season in our state of the art studio at Voxx Haus. Stay tuned here for updates, and of course, go sign up for Netflix if you haven’t already to see all the amazing things in the works!



Exciting New Experiment In Global Entertainment!


Voxx recently completed a slew of subtitling and dubbing work for INSIGHT TV, representing an exciting new experiment in global entertainment!

By creating an interactive channel broadcasting content in Ultra HD, INSIGHT TV allows viewers, for the first time, to have the power to play their own part in the programs they watch, taking the home entertainment experience to a whole new level! Voxx continues providing voices to INSIGHT TV, as a preferred vendor in multiple languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Dutch and German! Check out their website here:



Welcome Peacock TV!


Voxx has had an incredible year, despite all the turmoil in the industry, in part because of exciting new partnerships! Voxx is proud to announce Peacock TV as a new select client! 

Brand new and launched just this year, Peacock TV is an “Over-The-Top” provider of top quality media content for NBC/Universal and partner companies, now downloadable on multiple platforms, including Playstation. 

Also, thanks to a strategic partnership with Apple, you can download the Peacock app on your iOS device and start streaming for free here (no subscription required!):



Entertainment Globalization Association!


Last month we proudly joined the newly formed Entertainment Globalization Association, which is an organization bringing together the best companies and individuals around the globe who specialize in localization. As the world continues a steady march toward International streaming platforms, and the demand for new titles exponentially expands, foreign markets have become fertile hunting grounds for media providers to acquire quality content. Dedication to the highest levels of achievement in localization will drive continued expansion for an already booming corner of the industry and secure a more entertaining and prosperous future for everyone!

If you are interested to learn more, check out the website:


Welcome Sony Pictures Animation to Voxx Studios!


We are thrilled to have Sony Pictures Animations here at our studios recording original voices for a top US animation series. We take pride in our work and always strive for excellence! This is the first production green-lit after getting approved for the SAG-AFTRA Covid-19 Safety Protocols.


So, What’s Freedom? Voxx’s First Feature.


So, What’s Freedom? The feature film by the Romanian-born, US-based writer/director and one of Voxx’s Founder Andrei Zinca was screened just as it was filmed, under the starry sky, in the Romanian Days section at the 19th edition of the Transylvania International Film Festival, TIFF, running in Cluj-Napoca from July 31 to August 9.

Voxx was proud to participate in this production by providing the Audio Post Production of this gem. We are proud to say that this feature received the “Audience Choice Award” for best Romanian Movie!


The Baby-Sitters Club! Join the Club 🙂


Voxx Studios joins Netflix’ prestigious team of great dubbing talent around the world for one of its best releases so far this year! The Baby-Sitters Club’s new adaptation is irresistible! Our hats off to Voxx’s Brazilian Portuguese Team, and our gratitude to Netflix for there continued trust.


Starz – The Name Of The Rose


Another W for Voxx. The successful launch of Starz title “The Name Of The Rose” starring John Turturro and large ensemble cast carried the great talented voices of Voxx in both LatAm Spa and BPO.

We employed a cast of almost 100 actors and the production spanned over a period of three months staying true to the original artistic intent. Despite the Covid-19 roadblocks, we were able to continue our production and provide confidence to our partners, talent, and employees through this interesting time and deliver the project in time for launch.


Embrace The Power Of Music!


Aquiles Priester is a drum god! We had him here in our studios doing what he does best — SHREDDING THOSE DRUMS! Enjoy this small piece filmed at Voxx Studios!


Happy 5th Year Anniversary to Voxx!


We started with a few. Now we are many — in numbers, talents and creative endeavors. Together, we’ve turned the pursuit of excellence into a way of life. Congratulations everyone for all the efforts that have brought us here and for all the accomplishments that embolden us to move further. Thank you for 5 years of making us your home.


Join Kool Productions and Voxx Studios’s Voice Talent on the virtual screen for the release of Ella Bella Bingo!


Available on VOD & DVD in Canada and USA on March 24, 2020.

Ella Bella Bingo and Henry are best friends, but one day a new boy moves into the neighbourhood and everything changes. With a uniquely diverse cast of characters, Ella Bella Bingo is a pre-school road-trip where three kids learn the real magic of friendship. 

This film has received The Dove Foundation’s Dove Seal for All Audiences.

Click on the link to watch the interview with the cast now!


Voxx’s Immersive Sound Stage


In 2015, we opened our first sound stage out of necessity to dub content for Eastern Europe. Today, we are humbled — because of the hard work, dedication, and talent that has surrounded our establishment, we are proud to announce the roll-out of our 11th sound stage added to our line-up. In collaboration with Westlake Pro’s Studio Design Group and our friend Jerry Steckling we are able to lay out an acoustic treatment that gives our brand a vibrant, contemporary, and cultivated aesthetic while providing exceptional studio sound.

Click the link below to learn more.


And that’s a Lucky Seven! Ella Bella BINGO is a wrap!


Thank you to a dedicated team lead by our General Manager Silviu Epure, director James Thomason and producer Ivan Bernal, with our great audio engineer Ben Milchev piloting a brand new Avid S6, and assisted by directors Katie Leigh, Devin Hennessy, talent coordinator Laura Lopez, producer Luke Stefanko, coordinators Cristina Juarez and Hernan Pambukfjian, and our one and only traffic, video editing and IT Guru Alex Lewis, for their talent, passion, and professionalism! What a great way to inaugurate our new facility, VOXX SOUND STAGE, and celebrate our first SAG-AFTRA project!


Voxx Studios takes over the big screen around the world!


A voice for every language took Paris Entertainment’s Production of Nada A Perder to the big screen of the US, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, and all over Latin America. Way to go!


Almost There! 5.1, 7.1, Atmos Mixing + ADR + Folley + Performance Venue = VoxxHaus by Voxx.


Thank you #westlakepro for the installation and #JerrySteckling and the team at #JSX for the design! #studio #music #adr #movie #dubbing #localization


Voxx Studios abre caminos!


El Presidente de la empresa de doblajes Voxx Studios repaso la historia de la compañía y remarco los logros obtenidos en tan solo cuatro años. Además, comentó que la empresa también incursionó en la producción de cine y televisión.


New Studio Equipment Installation


#TGIF We are so close to completing installations in our new 2500 sq ft recording studio and live event facility!
We can’t wait to open this creative space to the public. It’s been a long process but we well-worth the wait. Stay updated- follow our social media pages for grand opening party announcements! You won’t want to miss what we’ve got planned. Thank you @westlakepro for the installation!


Amanda Peter Talks About Voicing MNC Animation’s KIKO


We had such a blast dubbing season 2 of MNC Media’s hit children’s show, #Kiko! Watch this fun interview with the Portuguese voice of Kiko

#dublador #dublgem #animation #mncanimation #localization




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French Riviera Film Festival invites filmmakers from around the to participate in the 2-day festival that #FRFF will place the spotlight on the best #shortform filmed content during the time period of the annual #FestivaldeCannes #shortfilmfestival


Chica Vampira Medley Mash Up

We recently wrapped the #Portuguese dub of Mundo Gloob #ChicaVampiro #RCNTV and some of our studio’s [voice] cast members produced this creative video in celebration of their experience on this project. Alberto Menezes Larissa Barthem Pedro Reis Arthur Garbe & Kanami. Well-done team, this is delightful!

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