Voxx Studios is a Los Angeles based audio post production and production studio dedicated to film and TV audio post production and production. It has state of the art audio recording facilities that offer a variety of services, in a multitude of languages. We specialize in localization, language dubbing, audio mixing, ADR, translations, adaptations, subtitling, closed captioning, sound design and editing, as well as other creative services. We cater to a wide array of clients and needs from all over the world.

Voxx Studios is based in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. This has allowed us to assemble an experienced and culturally diverse production team that can switch from one language to another with ease, guaranteeing the quality of our work, and the fulfillment of all our commitments. We also collaborate with professionals from all over the globe, thus being able to successfully deliver content for almost every country or region. We excel at supplying what you need to make your content accessible to various markets around the world.


It's simple. At Voxx Studios we strive to provide a voice for every language!