Voxx Takes on MIPCOM



October is a highly anticipated month for filmmakers, content creators and buyers because every year is an opportunity to network with a variety of international studios, broadcasters, and television reps for four days at one of the world’s largest entertainment markets, MIPCOM. Participants head to the exquisite town of Cannes, France for MIPCOM, to pitch/purchase content and services and strike up distribution deals.

Voxx Studios was represented by Andrei Zinca, President, and General Manager, Silviu Epure. One of the many highlights, aside from the incredible opening party, was the refreshing and informative keynote talks. Industry titans and TV visionaries like Benjamin Selina’s (TV Azteca) and  Richard Plepler (Chairman, CEO HBO) shared their insight on where the market is and where it is heading… “Chef Gordon Ramsay is always a hoot to listen to and be around as well” according to Silviu Epure. 


Voxx Studios has attended MIPCOM every year since its inception and each year it proves to be one of the most worthwhile events of the year. This was a successful MIPCOM experience for Voxx. The team has been working diligently on continuing to strengthen its relationship with the Japanese markets. It was fantastic to be well received and see the interest in our Japanese teams at MIPCOM, even from reps from Japan (another highlight)! The company is committed to expanding its reach, as of now the focus is specifically, though not exclusively, in the Asian markets because there is a lot of growth happening in their entertainment industries. Voxx reps had the honor of meeting with over 15 distributors and content creators, all from various parts of Asia.

As creatives in an ever-evolving industry, it is important to regularly attend events that help to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry, it keeps things fresh and gives growing companies, like Voxx, an edge. MIPCOM is one of the best events to achieve this because it gives access to a variety of resources. It is a fantastic way to build relationships and gain knowledge on how to stay ahead of the curve. Information and exhibits like these are invaluable resources. MIPCOM 2017 yielded fantastic results for Voxx Studios, and the team is looking forward to lending its voices to new markets!