Voxx Studios: ATF, Expansion & Beyond


Voxx Studios executives Andrei Zinca, President and Silviu Epure, GM, recently returned from ATF Singapore with high hopes and renewed confidence in the trajectory of the media industry in general, and the dubbing landscape in particular. The Voxx duo attended ATF for the first time this year with the intent to nurture existing strategic partnerships within the Asian market. “Singapore is an idyllic place to connect with old friends and make new ones,” Silviu Epure says, as he wraps up his conclusions about the market. 


“We are proud to be one of the few studios that offer quality dubbing in various Asian languages outside of Asia. We have dubbed several features and series into Japanese over the past 2 years and we are rapidly growing our Mandarin and Korean teams. On the other side of the spectrum, we’ve done much work from Korean and Mandarin into English, German, French and other languages. Armed with these two key offerings, our sights are well set on Asia and so far, the response of our partners at ATF has been very promising,” says Epure.

Though Voxx has only been in the localization and dubbing industry for about 3 years, the studio already has an extensive offering of languages for these services (over 15!), and they dub roughly over 1500 hours a year. “In the first quarter of the year we will inaugurate new studios for ADR and foley to strengthen our arsenal of tools as we expand further in the domestic market,” adds Zinca. 

Voxx is keen on emphasizing the importance of the art of localization, which the company specializes in and which is one of the key elements that set them apart from their competitors. They accredit much of the company’s rapid growth and international success to their care and understanding of the importance of cultural nuances. “We have 3 animated feature films (2 from Europe and one from China) that we are already promoting in central and eastern European markets such as Romania and Bulgaria. We are looking to expand into different territories in the future, we are also looking to grow our connections in Latin America.” Zinca.

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Voxx Studios has a unique set-up; Andrei Zinca is the owner of both Voxx and Double 4 Studios, a production and distribution company. The ability for these two companies to work synergistically is advantageous - as one company (Double 4) acquires clients and productions, it then has the unique ability to localize the content through Voxx, working as a production company’s version of an assist or “alley-oop” in basketball. 

2018 is professed to be a year that marks notable expansion for Voxx Studios, an expansion that will not only benefit the company, its partners, and its clients but one that will tremendously benefit the community. Zinca announced that he will open a new structure for education in multiple fields, especially dubbing. "The expat communities will continue to feel our presence and their unique languages will not be lost in translation,” says Epure.

“We do not only focus on dubbing. Our philosophy is to be an active element in our community. We want to be a platform for launching new talent and for them to have a space to express themselves. More info on this endeavor that hits close to my heart coming soon ” says Zinca.