I work really hard to achieve my goals even though I’m not trying to be the next big Hollywood star, I do want to say that I can make a living of doing what I love to do most.


How and when did you get into performing?

My performing career began over 10 years ago, while I was still in high school. I was always kind of shy but I knew I wanted to act since I was a kid. After hearing about an open casting call for the play "Julius Caesar" by William Shakespeare during my senior year of high school, I decided to give it audition and I landed a couple of small roles. Since I was still enrolled in some ESL (English as Second Language) classes I wasn't as confident, but once I started rehearsals and performed in the first show, I knew that's what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

What was your main purpose when choosing this career?

My dad was a musician and would always perform at parties, local events and around the house. I grew up with that mindset, surrounded by the arts and music. He was a very talented singer and performer and I always wanted to follow his artistic path! It has always been so powerful to me to see the effect he had on people. They would always come up to him after his gigs and compliment his singing and guitar skills. 

When did you start doing voiceover?

I was in college when I first auditioned for a regional commercial for Western Union. That was my very first experience with Voiceover. I booked the job and I thought it was fascinating to be able to act and get paid using only your voice. I mean who doesn't like that?

What’s the toughest role you have ever played so far?

I have to say it was definitely during a comedy play I was working on during the time my dad passed away, I was devastated but also didn't want to let my fellow actors down and cancel our opening shows so I went through with it. The hardest part during that time was to commit to the role and to make people laugh while personally I was suffering the loss of my dad.  Right there I truly understood the commitment and dedication it really takes to be an actor.

When did you start working at VOXX?

I started working at VOXX Studios on May of 2015, I have been here from the very beginning. I worked with Silviu, Karina and Adrian for a few years on different shows for their production company Iguanas Entertainment. Karina called me in for an interview to meet Andrei and Tunde and the rest is history. 

What are your upcoming projects?

Recently I had the opportunity to work on the Voxx short film "Too Deep in the Forest" for the 48 Film Project which premiered on April 14th. I'm also working on a play called "13 & Martes," a comedy by Jean Pierre Martinez which opens in June at the Frida Kahlo Theater in Los Angeles. In early May I will be working on another short film called "Marty" with a very funny character. And of course there are always new projects coming up at Voxx Studios that keeps me very busy as well, for which I'm very grateful.





Silvia Epuru