So proud to be working with such amazing talent!! Check this out and let's go and celebrate THE BRAZILIAN WOMAN ! 

Featuring: Ana Gazzola, Ana Laidley, Caro Pierotto, Carla Hassett, Deborah Edler Brown, Kana Shimanuki, Kátia Moraes, Mariana Goulart, Mariana Leite, and Sonia Santos, accompanied by João Pedro Mourão (guitar) and Ana Barreiro (percussion). 

Brazilian Heart Music proudly presents Brazilian Woman, a Celebration, the fifth in an annual series of shows created and produced by Kátia Moraes paying homage to renowned artists from Brazil. This year's celebration brings to Los Angeles the music of female Brazilian singer/songwriters presented by female Brazilian artists living in Los Angeles. The show will be interspersed with poems, and texts of the most important women in Brazilian history, with emphasis on singer/songwriter Rita Lee who this year is celebrating fifty years of her artistic career.

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