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We run our "Introduction to Dubbing" workshop one Saturday a month in English and one in Portuguese. The workshop is six hours, including a one-hour break for lunch.The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the basics of dubbing. Students will have hands-on experience inside a dubbing studio to understand how dubbing works and how to interpret characters on screen. They will also be given tools to help them increase the speed and quality of their recordings. This introductory workshop is a great way to learn about a lucrative, yet scarcely understood field that is burgeoning around the world. This six-hour workshop is a precursor to our comprehensive 12-week  "Art of Dubbing" course. 


Enrollment for Portuguese course opens September 2018 | English course enrollment opens January 2019

This twelve-week dubbing course is designed for those who have taken the introductory workshop and would like to gain in-depth practical experience with many different genres of content. The students will explore the realm of dubbing animations, video games, telenovelas, films, and other live-action media content. In this course, the students will be given the tools to refine their copy-reading and interpretation skills to result in proficient execution during sessions, and improve their acting across the board. This class is currently being offered in Portuguese in September, and English classes will commence January 2019.


The "Intro to Dubbing" workshop is a 6-hour workshop that will meet one Saturday a month (in each language; Brazilian Portuguese and English). Each class and workshop requires a minimum of 5 students to commence and can hold up to a  maximum of 10 students. "The Art of Dubbing" 12-week courses will meet for three hours, one day a week for 12 weeks. A commencement date for all classes and workshops will be announced once we have gained the interest and availability of 5 students for any given date and time-slot. Fill out this form to share your availability and to be kept in the loop when classes are announced!

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When are you most likely to be available for classes? Please check your availability and which class you would most likely enroll in (English/ Brazilian Portuguese). The Art of Dubbing 12-week Class will meet for three hours, one day a week for 12 weeks. A commencement date for the class will be announced once we have at least 5 students who have expressed availability for any given time-slot. When we have 5 students, we will then open enrollment to fill the remaining seats.