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Dubbing is the art of recreating a film or TV program in a different language than the original content. A quality dub not only provides seamless lip-syncing but also localizes the product for its intended audience. Simple language translation is insufficient, the content must be customized for its new specified audience and take into account cultural mindsets and nuances like colloquialisms, jokes, character archetypes and regional references.

It is our goal to equip our students with the tools to master all of these things while delivering compelling performances. The ability to take on a character and story with foreign origins and make it relatable to audiences in a different region all the while maintaining the integrity of the original story and the essence of the original characters, is a quintessential sign of an effective dubbing artist and a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Hermes Baroli

About Hermes Baroli

Hermes Baroli started working as a dubbing actor at the age of 10 and since then developed a passion for voice acting, theater and cinema. He went on to specialize in acting and received an associates degree at USP, one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. Hermes has built an extensive resume directing the Portuguese dubs of many critically acclaimed productions and regularly lending his voice to dub for the likes of Edward Norton, James Franco, Ashton Kutcher, and Matt Damon to name just a few. In 2005 he founded Dubrasil, a dubbing studio and school in Sao Paulo which has been active in the market for the past 13 years dubbing many projects for some of the top production studios in the industry. Along with the studio, Hermes developed a method to teach dubbing to actors in Brazil. This method has been successfully training more than a thousand actors in Sao Paulo, most of whom are currently working as dubbing directors, and now Hermes is bringing his method to Los Angeles.




  • Dub-LA is the only dubbing school in Los Angeles and is instructed by working dubbing specialists.
  • Dub-LA is directly affiliated with Voxx Studios (a dubbing studio) and our students are always considered for job opportunities.
  • The dubbing industry is a rapidly growing market, the amount of work opportunities in this field continues to increase.
  • Dubbing is a fun way to express your gift of acting; it creates better actors and helps you to see how truly powerful a tool your voice can become.